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I Am What I Make Up

By the time children are 3 or 4 they are making up stories about their world, their lives and the friends that no one else sees but them. While even they know there really isn’t a purple cow and they can’t really fly, their imagination is limitless and runs wild. They explore the power of their minds with their imaginations.

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Albert Einstein

Our imagination is truly the door to limitless possibilities. That includes how we see ourselves.

Every single person has had a limited or negative thought pattern about themselves…who they are, what they might be capable of, what other people's opinions mean in all of it. It is part of being human. Somewhere along the journey of life we begin to assemble all the immense amount of information fed to us and come up with a limited view of ourselves.

What if you decided not to?

What if you decided to be a kid again and explore the possibilities of who you are and what you can do? Imagination is really the ability to form a picture in your mind. That picture may not exist at all or just in part, but it’s your door to the possibilities of YOU.

A famous Henry Ford quote, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can't – you're right,”

That’s Playing Tall – the power to choose to change. So how does it happen. What’s your next steps.

My recommendation is constant, repetitive replacement of thoughts about yourself. Consider my Play Tall affirmation CD. Play it at least once a day but three times a day will get the job done faster!

Release the thoughts you’ve had

Retrain your brain with new thoughts

Repeat until you get the results you want

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