How Do You Play?

Do You... hesitate to speak up during meetings?

Do You... believe the nagging voice saying, 'You Don't Belong'

Do You... procrastinate the things you know would create success?

My workshops can train your team to become the Boss of their Brains using my Release... Retrain... Repeat methods.


Unleashing the power of the female mind is my specialty. It worked for me, it's worked for countless other women, and it can work for you!

My Passion

I have always believed in the power of women.  Even at a young age, I knew about girl power. I had plenty of strong women role models in my family that knew their power. Little did I know I'd be the one to grow 6 feet to display mine! Through changes and challenges of growing up, self-worth and value can be doubted, and confidence questioned in trying to find our place in who we are... 

Over time, the tall girl gets smaller. In fact, the taller I grew, the more confidence I lost.


I spent several years as a Registered Nurse and eventually became an entrepreneur in the cosmetic industry. In order to be successful, I had to discover how to walk in my height and release my negative thought patterns. That's how Play Tall Not Small was born.


I realized that my negative thought patterns were controlling my self-confidence. The only way I could stop getting in my own way was to retrain my brain by changing my thought patterns... Release... Retain... Repeat is how I became the boss of my brain.


Now I train and speak to women all over the country on how to unleash the power of the female mind and enjoy the freedom of being a mindset warrior.

My Experience


I spent two decades in the cosmetic industry, and started off setting and achieving my own goals. Over time, I learned how to help other women break their own negative thought patterns, walk in their true identity, and understand the control God has given them to renew their minds.



The Play Tall Blog is a series of articles, thoughts, and affirmations about my personal travels, work experiences, and encounters around the globe.  My goal is to bring women together so we all understand and embrace our inner and outer beauty. While exploring the complex world of our big beautiful brain in the Play Tall Today Blog, I have been encouraged by those around me to take on one of my biggest challenges to date... The Play Tall book.

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The Miracle of Moe is a children's book series I accidentally stumbled into. I adopted a sweet little dog with a big heart defect. Moe's ability to shine, play, and be himself inspired me to write a book about his happiness and the importance of always being your best everyday.



Towards the end of my retail business career I begin to get the opportunity to speak to women's groups outside my normal sphere of influence, women from all diverse backgrounds and work experience.  Now I speak and train for women's conferences around the nation and help them walk away in a few hours what it took me years to discover.  

Public Speaker

National keynote speaker for women's conferences, training sessions, and local organizations.

I don't want you to sit back and fall asleep... my speaking events are fun, interactive learning, and the best part? Your team will walk away impacted, with confidence to tackle anything, equipped with real tools and a real plan of action ready for implementation!


My topics include but are not limited to: 

Getting Out of Your Own Way

Stop Procrastinating... Start Living

Release... Retrain... Repeat... Your Way to Becoming a Mindset Warrior

Become the Boss of Your Brain

Radical Change


I have worked with countless women all over the country with my Play Tall Not Small workshops. My workshop series addresses issues on how to overcome negative self-talk that has huge and lasting impact to all of our success's, at work, at home, and in relationships.

  1. We identify and break your playing small habits that have developed over the years. RELEASE...

  2. We learn the science and logic behind how your brain really works and identifying your complete control. RETRAIN...

  3. Provide tools to continue your development and maintain being the Boss of Your Brain.  REPEAT...

You decide how you want to take my workshops. They are available pre-recorded online so your team can work on them at their own pace, real-time via webinar, or live and in-person.

Book Signings

Moe and I have traveled all over the country going to book signings at local retail stores, book stores, and elementary schools. I learned to Play Small when I was a kid so I think it's important that we retrain our big people brains and start teaching kids how to Play Tall.


Sept 14th  Guest Speaker – Mary Kay Leadership Training

Dec 9th    Guest Speaker – Lamar Advertising Women’s Group

Jan 13th   Keynote Speaker – ABWA LaCapitale, Presentations and Speaking Skill

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If you can change a thought you can change anything.

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