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Why You Should Stick To Your Strengths

The professional athlete depends on their strengths for their success; you should too.

So often we struggle with all the things we are not good at, trying to get better at them as if one magical day we’ll be good at everything. The truth is, the things we are gifted at come effortlessly; literally with so little effort we don’t even know we do it many times, or that we’re even good at it.

The whole purpose of you on this earth is to give the gifts you have to the benefit of others. Stop trying to write the blog or build the website when your gifts lie elsewhere. Someone else has those gifts and it comes easily for them. Let them do that and fulfill their purpose. If you make people laugh, stop doing your own taxes. Maybe organization is your jam; then serve others with it.

If you’re as unsure about your gifts as I was, get to googling and find the multiple gift and strength tests out there. My favorite and I believe most accurate is the StrengthFinders test by Gallup. There are also personality tests like Briggs & Meyers, DISC, the Big Five to help give you insight into strengths as well as temperaments

I do my own quick test in my class, Playing Tall with Others, which you can rent or purchase on our site. It's a two hour class to help you understand yourself and others, making relationships so much easier and more fun.

My advice is to do several, compare them and marinate on the results. Really take some time to think of all the ways you use your gifts and how you can use them even more to enhance your success and the success of others.

It takes so little effort to do what comes naturally. Learn what those gifts are for you and stick to it, letting go of the mindset that you can do it all or the confusion of who you are.

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