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Updated: May 1, 2022

Help is not a four-letter word.

Well technically it is, but it’s a positive one not a negative one. You are not an island. You cannot do it all.

And that's where you begin in managing the mindset of that intense need for control.

There are unlimited resources everywhere, but we tend to think we can do it better ourselves. We think it will cost too much, we don’t know where to find it, we don’t know where to start. That is definitely a mindset to change if you want more business and more peace.

Granted, I’ve tackled a few projects myself to save some big dollars charged by the experts. And sometimes you will get good or even better results …but you have to ask, “what is that costing me”?

There are inexpensive and even free services out there and other people are taking advantage of them. Connect with other prolific and abundant thinking people and you will find quality work at sometimes incredibly inexpensive prices. Keep asking, keep looking and get great referrals.

My go to is Dreamtime Marketing. Once connected, they have turned me on to countless resources that they have researched and have experience with; and that has saved me hundreds of hours of my time.

Help is not usually without any price, but it doesn’t have to cost you a fortune. The key is to believe it’s there and believe that you can let go of large chunks of work that someone else is better at. It's a mindset shift. One that will release you to do what you do best…and get paid for it.

So change your mindset on doing it all and having to be the only one in control... and your business and life will be better for it. Follow me at or pick up my book for more mindset management tricks and tips.

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