If You Can Change a Thought You Can Change Anything

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Play Tall The Book

Coming Soon!

I have worked as a blogger, speaker, author, and trainer for several years now and feel it is time for me to Play Tall and put a book together explaining all of the Release, Retrain, and Repeat principles. 


Learn why successful people think differently and how you can also overcome the barriers that are standing in your way.

Release Retrain Repeat


Our brains are wired a certain way that often holds us back and only allows us to Play Small.


My Release, Retrain, and Repeat exercises help you learn how to become the boss of your brain


Once you show your brain who's the boss, you can learn how to Play Tall.

Want Some Moe?


Play Tall for Kids teaches your children to adopt a great mindset to help them be their best in a negative world.


Moe is a series of true stories about Patsy's little dog with a very big heart.   


Follow Moe and his big adventures to find out why we should all... Learn to Live Like Moe!

Successful People Think Differently

Stop letting your brain boss you around! What's the first thing that happens before you take any action? It's a thought. Just changing one thought can change your life. 

Stop by my Play Tall Tools page. You can download watch FREE videos and sign up for my workshop series Play Tall Not Small.

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If you can change a thought you can change anything.

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