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If you are on this page, that means you are one step closer to becoming the boss of your brain. I have all kinds of tools for you to play with! I have FREE short 2 minute videos to help inspire and motivate, workshops to help you become the boss of your brain, and my affirmations CD / download....

This page is designed to help inspire and take you through the steps to become the Boss of Your Brain. It's a 3 step process I call Release, Retrain, and Repeat...

RELEASE   -  Releasing is a process of discovery, uncovering, and detective work about habitual negative thoughts you’ve been thinking, where it came from, how that way of thinking was born….and letting it go.  It’s learning the exquisite power of your brain!​


RETRAIN   -  Our subconscious mind rules everything!  That’s why every thought counts.  Thoughts, good or bad, create action and inaction. That also means every action or inaction you take now….has come from a thought you’ve been processing.  (I know, that’s really flippin' scary!)  So, retraining is the process of learning how to have control of your subconscious brain and replace thoughts that aren’t working for you anymore with thoughts that lead you to action.



REPEAT   -  Now that you're becoming the boss of your brain, let's keep it that way and set up a system of governing the world of you.   Having awareness, having a plan of attack, keeping the brain running at it’s peak…. so YOU can be at your best and live a life of ease and grace and flow! 

Here is the exciting part... You can buy or rent the workshops!

You can buy the workshops and take the courses as many times as you wish. We all need a refresher every now and then.  OR you can rent the videos for 72 hours.

Freebies! 2 minute videos meant to inform, inspire, and motivate...

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If you can change a thought you can change anything.

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