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Reactive Training Class... Continues

Updated: Apr 5

I’ve learned so much at Reactive Rover class! I’m starting to realize that the things I thought were scarey or the dogs I was used to fussing at... well as it turns out... they are really not that big of a deal!

I don’t know exactly how it works. All I know is Mom has cookies! And I really want to make mom happy. She’s so great and I love hearing her happy voice. So I pay attention to her. She seems to be the source of all good things. And when I focus on her, somehow, other things that use to bother me seem to fade away.

So, I think I’m just going to trust her. 

What’s really cool is when we go for walks now...

go up and down the elevator to get outside...

run through the park and find a place to potty...

I don’t even notice most dogs!

They’re just there. Now, when I meet other dogs in the elevator, I just look at mom and she leads me out of the way; everything turns out great!!! 

I really love my life. It’s getting easier and easier to be a dog!

What I’ve learned today:

  1. Mommy is the source of all good things

  2. If I focus on good - all other things fade away

  3. Reactive training leads to lots of cookies!!!

I like this RR class!

Stella's Big Adventure
A walk in the park and pictures like this were not even possible a few months ago!!

What we can learn from Stella,

is that in our attempt to change our thoughts and create new ones, releasing the need to keep old ones, focusing on good ones, trusting the process of retraining... you really will create a new life. 

For more information for your OWN mindset transformation, check out our RELEASE. RETRAIN. REPEAT process and programs at PlayTallToday.com or better yet, let Stella teach you in her new book, STOP! Letting Your Triggers Terrorize You. Also found on Amazon kindle.

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