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LETTING GO...your mindset hack to Success

People comment all the time about how at ease I seem with whatever I’m doing…..

starting a business…

jumping into a project… 

coming up with a new idea…

running off to explore another country...

open to whatever my husband's retirement might look like when the time comes.

“How do you do that?” they ask. Let’s be clear – I’m not at ease – I’m completely freefalling.

But somehow, I’ve learned to let go in the middle of the fall.

How do I just let go?

It’s brain training really. It’s training the brain to have a different response than it’s used to.  Your brain may not be used to thinking that falling is a safe thing to do. I know mine wasn’t!!  Falling is one of only two fears you’re born with. The other is loud noises.  Some fears may be easier to conquer but falling…that’s a tough one.  It’s all about safety.  As long as you know you’re safe, it becomes easy.

And there is just faith, of course.  Believing in things you don’t see – makes you know that’s it’s okay to just step out there. 

“Faith is the assurance of things hoped for... the conviction of things not seen.” 

Faith takes the unseen and forces it into natural reality.  Ever heard “if you can believe it, you can achieve it”?

For me, I believe that God has the best for me, so even if I don’t know exactly what that looks like… I know that taking the “next step”, whatever the step may be, is all I am obligated to. Most of the time I don’t even know HOW to do it!  I’d never written a book before – and there, all of a sudden, the thought wouldn’t leave me. So, I took what I did know… what the next step had to be and WHAM... I meet Margaret my editor, Later, I’m introduced through Facebook to an illustrator who turns out to be exactly who I was looking for!  And I just started writing.  I didn't judge what I was writing, I just started free falling through the writing process. Before I knew it, the book was finished, edited, illustrated, and printed! And now… another book is on the horizon.  

I may not know HOW but I know that doing the next step will show me the next step and the next step and that will always get me to the end.

And I would add…get yourself some brain training.  Nothing, and I mean absolutely NOTHING changes until your brain changes a thought.  If you read nothing else from me – know that NOTHING CHANGES without a thought change!

Connect with our brain training and I bet you move with ease and flow into the next big marvelous YOU that’s out there waiting!

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