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Have You Ditched Your New Year's Resolutions? 80% of People Do By February. HERE'S WHY

Happy New Year!

I’m sure by now you’ve gotten all your New Year's goals on a focus board, nice and pretty, all planned out with action plans and target dates, highlighted and color coded.

Well, if that’s you, you should be proud of your effort!  However, the truth is, that even if you are ahead of the pack in thinking your new year through, 80% of people fail to keep their newly set goals as soon as February, according to US News.  

The problem with the report, and most like them, is that the recommended solutions seem to always revolve around self-discipline and will power!  Grrrrrr!   That just makes me angry – as if you're not giving it enough effort already, they're telling us that if you were just stronger you could stick to it!

What a horrible feeling!

What if instead, you could miraculously and simply walk right into the dreams and goals and plans you have for this year?  

What if it were effortless to be “disciplined”?  Sound ridiculous??  That’s because you’ve never experienced it!  It is priceless and so freeing to actually be in control of your own outcome!!  

Get started NOW by downloading my FREE Release. Retrain. Repeat Worksheets for 2023 . Evaluate and uncover everything about 2022 and the thought patterns that got you those results. Decide what to keep and RELEASE the rest by RETRAINING your thoughts to more productive ones.

I've added an example page at the back to help you get started. Be honest and objective but give yourself some grace; there's no judgement here, just making observations. In fact, there are no real rules except that you be truthful while being kind.  And by all means, give yourself the kudo’s you deserve!!

Once you're done... start REPEATING those new thoughts morning, noon and night. The more the better but if you at least get a chance to "retrain" that brain of yours at least once a day, you will begin to see miraculous results. I recommend including your positive results from last year in your daily review. It confirms the truth about how incredible you really are!

Never go running off into the future blindfolded again, only to repeat the same results year after year. Take the time to RRR for 2023 and New Years Day next year will blow your mind!

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