Starting this book has been a little tough. Yes, I’m writing another book – not a Children’s book – a big book, a real mama book!

I’ve felt this stuck feeling before though.  In fact, after 30 years in business and learning to understand this big, beautiful thing we call our brain… Oh, I know this feeling all too well.

The procrastination, the busy somewhere else; days fly by, I haven’t written a word; then the ultimate denial sets in... "see, I’m not supposed to do this anyway".

HA!  That is TEXTBOOK sabotage!  Sabotage 101! I'm laughing at myself as I type! It’s funniest when you’re on the outside looking in.  (and writing is a really great way to accomplish to find new perspectives, I highly recommend it).

If you look around my website you’ll figure out what the book is about – my experiences, my training, my story about playing small.  Learning and then teaching the precious power you can have over your mind.

Years ago, more like twenty!, someone said to me, “You’re going to write a book”.  

Then again, a few years later – “You should write a book”.   

“About what,” I thought!?!

“Freedom,” they said.  “Hmmm... what could that mean?” as I carefully stuffed that idea away in my back pocket.

Well, as I’ve been training and teaching on the complexities and control we have over our conscious, but most importantly, subconscious mind… here it came again… only in the first person, “I need to write a book.”  

Truth is, writing the children’s books was probably just a test drive.

Playing Tall in a small-minded world.  - I’m not even sure that’s the title but you’ll be the first to get a front row seat at the show!!!

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