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Hello everyone! Guess what? I'm stuck in Paris. My husband recently retired and we planned a BIG trip across Europe. Luckily we decided to rent an apartment for the year so we can have "hub". Now we can't get home... at least not when we intended on going home. Wanting to make the most of every situation, I decided to start a vLog of my adventures.


So, we were issued this Certificate of Derogatory Travel. We’re not allowed out of our apartment without this document stating why. One of 5 choices - mandatory work, to buy supplies, doctor appointment, taking care of family member, and short exercise for you or pets. 

$150 fine if you’re found without it or if you’re doing something else. 

No cars except for these reasons. They haven’t officially shut down the borders but, yes, basically they have. 

I decided to start filming videos during my walks with Stella and am taking the time to show you a little bit of what Paris looks like during CORVID-19 lockdown. 

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The Streets of Paris are Empty. Video 1.

Stella & Patsy Grocery Shopping. Video 2.

Stella and the Exorcist. Learn how our brain is wired to handle times of crisis. Video 3.

As promised a quick glimpse of the Boucherie. Video 4.

How to deal with your triggers caused by the Corona Virus. How to Retrain Your Brain. Along with a tour of the apartment led by Stella. Video 5.

Habitual Thoughts? Are they stopping you?  

What can we learn from the habits of a dog?

And what habitual thoughts are keeping YOU from moving forward??

This crisis will pass like all others, do you want the same results you got before the crisis? Or do you want something different? Video 6.

Am I Wired for the Coronavirus?

This is the blog I mention in video 5. 

Green Inspirational Spring Quote Faceboo

We are wired to avoid threat, to resist and run away from change. Wired to stay safe at all costs.


So panic becomes easy when everyone seems to be panicking. The danger seems big.


You keep getting fed negative news to confirm your thoughts of worry and dread. What a snowball effect!  READ MORE...


I posted this "Who do I want to be during COVID-19. There was so much response. Here is my video on how to move from the Fear to Growth.

Stay Tuned!

More Video Updates are Coming Soon

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