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Your struggles aren't character flaws.

Your frustration isn't weakness. You're not defective.

If you're tired of working on personal growth but still feel worse about yourself, 

then you're in the right place. Hesitating to speak up or never 

feeling like you're enough is common; procrastinating what you know will 

bring you success is universal.

There's nothing wrong with you!

Stop trying to muscle past the feeling of falling short.

Come Play Tall™ with Me

and learn to transform into who you really are.  

There’s an easier way.



A community of women just like you...

Craving to learn more 

Asking questions 

Going through the process. 


Find education, book club, group coaching, networking and interact with others.

Join others in Being the Boss of your Brain!


Training, education and resources to make managing your mindset a breeze!

Playing small is really a series of negative thought patterns we’ve repeated long enough, that we now believe they are true

“what if I fail, maybe it’s a stupid idea, what will others think” 

Thoughts, good or bad, create action and inaction.  That also means every action or inaction you take now….has come from a thought you’ve been processing.  

While working on changing these habits for my own life, I developed the 

Release. Retrain. Repeat.

process I teach to all my students and participants.

Come play with us and see how simple it really is!


My latest book release is STOP! Letting Your Triggers Terrorize You ©

While researching for Be the Boss of Your Brain techniques amd trying to train a my rebellious terrier I noticed some similarities in what I was researching. What transpired is a hilarious yet impactful connection of dots on changing your mindset for the better.

User friendly, short, and entertaining, this delightful story about a dog named Stella teaches us how to manage our triggers and mindset mayhem to get a better result out of work and life. "If all you have is 30-minutes to change hour life, this book is for you.

I have also written a series of children books based on the adventures of my two dogs Stella & Moe. The series is designed to help kids learn and Play Tall™

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Linda Cypriano

Sales Director - Mary Kay

Make the Complicated Simple

If you are looking for a speaker | trainer who is so eloquent that she can take the most complicated thing and make it so simple that you can eat it like dessert...it is Patsy Burdine


Terry Head


Brain Boss Strategies Work!

She doesn't pretend it's easier because of position or superior brain power. Instead, she shares some of her struggles, her triumphs and her tools to overcome. It's not just about accomplishment; it's about becoming a stronger, healthier human being...a more effective woman in all our venues


Deb Erickson

Founder & Master I Can Institute

Find the Key to Your Success I’ve worked side by side with Patsy for nearly 4 years and during that time I’ve watched her transform rst her own life and then the lives of so many others that were blessed to work with her. She is one of those extraordinary women who actually walks her talk, living authentically what she teaches. Her training is unequaled. If you know you are capable of more and want to "play taller" at work and at home - but yo can't figure out how to unlock the door Patsy will help you find the key and never forget the address.



Joy Smith

Wardrobe Stylist

Her Heart Beats Strong

Patsy turned her beloved pet’s serious medical issue into a successful children’s book which reflects valuable life lessons. On her own, Patsy took the initiative to 
market her book into the hearts of the community. 

She is naturally self motivated and creates a positive environment to help others grow to reach their potential and beyond . 


Jenny Gray

Marketing & Style Expert

Become Unstoppable
Patsy has that unique gift that creates the desire to stretch you out of your comfort zone and into uncharted territories.  


I think it is her confidence and deep desire to see others win that makes her teaching so effective.  

When she believes in me and my goals, I feel unstoppable!