Miracle of Moe
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Play Tall for Kids teaches your children to adopt a great mindset to help them be their best in a negative world.
Moe is a series of true stories about Patsy's little dog with a very big heart.  
Through a series of big adventures, Moe learns that being himself is the best trick he knows!

Miracle of Moe


Miracle of Moe is a touching story for all ages. Inspired by Patsy's real life dog Moe, this sweet short story is written about a little dog with a very big heart ....literally. Moe has a heart defect called sub aortic stenosis, that is severe enough that it cannot be fixed with surgery so he has a much shorter life span than most dogs. This is NOT a sad story because Moe is a happy dog leading a happy life and seeks out new adventures every day.

Moe faces daily challenges and learns life lessons that are important for all of us - loving unconditionally, making the most of each day, and always be your happy self! 

None of us know how many days we have and neither does Moe. He simply lives his best every day. We all need to learn to live like Moe!

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