The Power of Hope

Updated: Mar 30

I recently read an article about the psychology of hope. I wanted to share an interesting experiment that illustrates the power of hope and positive thoughts.

“During the 1950’s, Dr. Curt Richter from Harvard University performed a series of experiments using water, buckets, and both domesticated and wild rats which resulted in a surprising discovery within the field of psychology. In the first experiment, Richter placed his test subjects into large buckets half filled with water with even those rats which were considered above average swimmers, giving up and dying within a few short minutes. In the second experiment, Richter pulled each rat out just as it was about to give up due to exhaustion and let them rest for a few moments. Upon inserting the rats back into the bucket of water, Richter found that the rats continued to struggle to survive for up to 60 hours as the rats now believed that if they continued to push forward with enough effort put forth, eventually they would be rescued once again. Richter recorded in his notes, 'after elimination of hopelessness, the rats do not die.'”

A desperate, disparaging thought led to death for these rats but a hopeful thought and the belief in the possibility of the future led them to not give up and put out the effort to sustain. If a hopeful thought kept you alive, wouldn’t you want to think more of them?

At Play Tall Today we specialize in changing thoughts! Rewiring your brain through our system of Relase.Retrain.Repeat can help you interrupt the pattern of negative thinking and change it forever to a thought of hope and prosperity! If you can change a thought, you can change anything!

What thoughts, if eliminated, would cause your dreams not to die?

Your career, your marriage or relationship, your children, your future…..

What new thoughts would cause your dreams to thrive?


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