Patsy... Where Have You Been?

Hey fabulous friends!!  I’m back! I have missed you and hoping that you’ve missed me too.

I apologize for my short disappearance while my husband and I have moved to a new state and there has been a delay in getting back to normal. However, I'm thrilled that I love my life and myself enough to just let it happen without guilt or self-condemnation.  There’s was a time in my life when that would never have been the case.

My husband and I have jumped feet first into the next great adventure of our lives….retirement!!  Retiring from corporate business and obligations is a huge and extremely exciting experience – I highly recommend it!! 

It’s been a wild ride down-sizing 17 years in one house, moving to a big city high-rise, saying good-bye to our beloved Moe on his new adventure in Heaven and attempting to establish a new routine in an open daily calendar.  But we’re getting by☺

I’ve learned so much the last few months and can’t wait to share.  Stella is a big part of the stories. She has adjusted so well and shown me how easy that can be when you just go with the flow and have absolute trust in those in charge.

God has big plans for all of us and if we trust him to be in charge – it can be an exciting ride.  Thrilled to be taking that ride with you! 

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