Oh, The Stories We Can Tell

Updated: Mar 30

A friend was sharing the other day about speaking in front of a group. While she was talking and walking back and forth across the stage, making some eye contact with her audience, she noticed a man in the front row. He was a cowboy type, from Texas she quickly surmised, tall, rugged, wearing boots and jeans and yes, a cowboy hat.

As she was speaking from the stage, he sunk back in his chair, propped up his hands behind his head like he was unwinding in a hammock on the beach. She thought to herself, “oh gosh, he looks bored, I must not be keeping his attention”. So she became a little more demonstrative, added a little more passion to her voice, but the more she tried to beef up her talk the harder it was to find the words, to stay on track, to keep her focus.

And then the story started.

“They all look so disinterested, I’m must be losing them, I’m not doing a good enough job, I’m not as good as others in the industry, I don’t know my material, I could be better, I should have practiced more, I’m not making an impact here, I’m just not good enough, oh this is not going well, this is hopeless……”

And the story line builds and becomes more and more destructive, creating more evidence that she’s absolutely worthless. As she does her best to finish up and make her closing statements, she feels destroyed, knowing her time today on stage was a loss.

And then he walks up to her.

He takes her hand in his giant rough palms with a tight squeeze and says emphatically, “Ma'am, that was the best talk I believe I’ve ever heard!”

Oh the stories we tell ourselves!

And once they start it’s like an avalanche, rolling thunderously down the hill into a huge snowball. Turning into something so far from the truth.

Release. Retrain. Repeat. is the system I created for myself to catch that default setting of negative story telling our brain does so easily and give it a new default, a new reality.

Come join us at Playtalltoday.com to learn more about how your storytelling can become truth telling and change the outcome you've been getting.

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