Have you ditched your NY Resolution already? 80% of people do by February. Here’s the REAL reason

Happy New Year!

I’m sure by now you’ve gotten your tree down and all your New Years goals on a focus board, nice and pretty, all planned out with action plans and target dates, highlighted and color coded.

Well if that’s you, I’m proud of your effort!  I truly am.   You’re thinking ahead and at least attempting to stay out of the crisis mode or worse yet, just blowing off New Year’s resolutions altogether. The truth is, that even if you are ahead of the pack in thinking your new year through and what you’d like to accomplish or change, 80% of people fail to keep their newly set goals as soon as it's February, according to US News.  

The problem with the report and most like them, is that the solution the recommended solutions seem to revolve around self-discipline and will power!  Grrrrrr!   That just makes me angry – as if I’m not giving it enough effort already, here they are saying 

If you were just stronger you could stick to it!

What a horrible feeling!

What if instead, you could miraculously and simply walk right into the dreams and goals and plans you have for this year?  What if it were effortless to be “disciplined”?  Sound ridiculous??  That’s because you’ve never experienced it!  It is priceless and so freeing to actually be in control of your own outcome!!  

Over the next few blogs I’ll share with you some steps to walk right in to your future with ease and grace and flow.  Actually set goals and achieve them.

It starts with evaluating where you’ve been.  What got done last year and what didn’t and evaluating the why, instead of just starting with setting a “resolution” and taking off. 

The mistake we most often make is just scrapping the experiences and flying off into the future blind folded.  

Can you see that’s doomed to fail? You don’t even know what you achieved or didn’t achieve last year.   

The outcome? You’ll absolutely repeat the same behavior. Instead, let’s evaluate and uncover what’s there, decide what to keep and what not to, and make a well thought out plan for the new year with changes that will get the results you’ve always wanted!  

Release.  Retrain.   Repeat.

Let’s evaluate last year.  Download my Release. Retrain. Repeat for 2019 worksheets and start by answering a few questions.  I just want to remind you, to be honest and objective but give yourself some grace…we’re not judging here, simply being an observer, an investigator, to probe and discover the facts so we can get a true picture to move forward from.

Get it all out on paper to see.  When you are finished, spread it all out, think it all through.  Spend some time on it and if it’s too difficult, do what you can and come back to it later.  There’re no real rules except that you be honest while being kind.  And by all means, give yourself the kudo’s you deserve!!

Stay tuned after you finish – I’m going to show you what to do next with all this juicy information you’ve uncovered!  

It’s going to be so easy you’ll wonder, why haven’t I started my New Year like this before?? And you’ll see how exhilarating and possible ALL your New Year’s Goals are!

Make this the Year to Remember!

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