• Patsy Burdine

Changing a Thought... Changes Everything

Updated: Sep 14

The day I really understood how changing a thought could change everything I didn’t like... everything about the life I had actually created... that’s the day everything changed.

I kept looking for the answer... Looking for why my business didn’t grow as fast as I wanted, why some relationships weren’t as happy as I wanted, why I wasn’t as happy as I wanted, why some people just pissed me off. Admit it, some people just hit the button don’t they?

But I finally got it.

I finally figured out that the negative thoughts were ingrained in my head, the ones I didn’t even know were there, and they were creating the negative beliefs, the negative actions, the habitual triggers, the procrastination and the self-sabotage.

But wait!

If I created those thoughts (even unintentionally) - that logically means I can create more. I can create the ones I want!!!

Scientists estimate that it takes 10,000 repetitions to develop a new neural pathway. 10,000 repetitions - you can do that in a few weeks or a few years. How fast do you want a new life?

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If you can change a thought, you can change anything!

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