3 Simple Steps to REACH Your Goals this Year!

Regardless whether you reached your goals and dreams last year, 2021 screams of hope doesn’t it? After everything 2020 presented us with, I for one, am ready for the anticipation and promise of this new year.

You may have already gotten your tree down and all your New Years goals on a focus board, nice and pretty, all planned out with action plans and target dates, highlighted and color coded. But if you’re like the majority of people, you may not have made it that far.

No worries! If you’ve started planning the new year’s accomplishments or not, I have three very simple steps to not only set your goals but also to achieve them. What if you could miraculously and simply walk right into the dreams and plans you have for your new year and your life? What if it were effortless to stay focused on your goals? Well hang on, this is going to be priceless! It’s going to be so easy you’ll wonder, "why haven't I started my New Year like this before??"

Step #1


All great achievements have started from pausing long enough to evaluate where you’ve been instead of just rushing head first into what looks like an obvious plan for the new year. The mistake we most often make is just scrapping the experiences and flying off into the future blind folded. Can you see how that’s doomed to fail? You don’t even know why you achieved or didn’t achieve last year but you’re screaming down the highway called January repeating whatever happened last year and thinking it’s going to be different.

Instead, let’s evaluate and uncover what’s there, decide what to keep and what not to, and discover what you really want for the new year with changes that will get the results you’ve always wanted! And it doesn't have to take an all day seminar either!

Grab a good ‘ol legal pad and your favorite pen and let’s get started. When contemplating the following questions, be honest and objective but give yourself some grace…we’re not judging here, simply being an observer, an investigator, to probe and find some facts so we can get a true picture to move forward from. And don't take forever, you know the answers, just write down what pops in your head.

Let’s begin.

As a whole, look at last year and ask yourself, what was the best outcome I got?

Where did I excel in my own genius…what exactly did I do well at?

Who benefited from my efforts?

What talents did I grow in?

What uncomfortable place did I press into?

Where did I feel resistance and pushed through anyway?

Now, let’s take a look at what may not have gone as planned (this should be interesting based on 2020!)

What was the most difficult thing I faced and how well did I do at it?

Where could I have done better?

What project or activity did I sabotage and make sure I didn’t accomplish?

What relationship did I avoid so I wouldn’t have to confront it or them.

What’s the biggest resistance I feel?

What really holds me back?

Where do I feel the most vulnerable?

Get it all out on paper to see and spread it across your desk. There’re no real rules except being honest while being kind. And by all means, give yourself the kudo’s you deserve!!

Now, based on all your answers…the last question is...

What would you like to change for 2021??

Step #2


It is only when we understand what drives us, our purpose, that we are most capable and equipped to accomplish and be fulfilled by it.

It serves as your point of reference, like a fulcrum for all your decisions and actions you choose – which allows you to also measure your progress and end results. You know if you made it based on your purpose, not someone else’s expectations of you.

So let’s continue on with a few more questions for that legal pad….

What do I want?

What does that look like and feel like?

Why do I want this?

Why is this outcome important to me?

How will this affect me or my family and why is that important to me?

Take a good long look at what you wrote. What I find MOST helpful is to continue to ask the last 3 questions over and over. Here’s an example:

If my answer to "why do I want this" is money, your next step is to ask the question again...why do I want that?

The answer may have to do with having more material things like a new house, new car, pay for college…so, ask it again, why do you want that?

The next answer could be because it makes you feel important and accomplished to provide those things, it fulfills a purpose as a parent or spouse or child; then, ask it again, why do you want that?

Do you see where I’m going with this? The ultimate “why” answer isn’t about money. In this example, it’s about feeling important and accomplished…and why would that be impactful? Most likely, it has something to do with others, not just you. And THAT my friend, is the real why, the real purpose. Now you have something you can use as your true measuring stick when the day to day action plan doesn’t seem so crucial and somehow doesn’t get done.

From here you can take the ultimate goal (like how much money you want to make or have) and break it down into time frames and translate it into action plans. Get help within your industry if you need to with this and remember, when you're executing your plan, always refer to the REAL reason you’re after this goal. I love making action plans but when they don’t come to fruition, it’s because I didn’t have my why, my true measuring stick in front of me.



This is the step that will make or break your achievement this year. You can plan all you want but without getting and keeping your head straight, you’re doomed. And if you’ve fallen on your face reaching goals in the past, THIS is likely the real reason why.

Let’s face it, you probably already know how to do the work, and you probably know most of the action plan too. You’re likely really good at change and adjustment as you go. But if you’re head is all screwed up, you’re also sabotaging yourself every step of the way. You can blame others or even a virus, but ultimately, it’s you that you have to answer to. So let’s do the work on your head and everything else will follow!

My signature process for rewiring your brain for success is called Release, Retrain, Repeat. In this scenario of setting and keeping goals, we’re Releasing what we want to leave behind in 2020, Retraining our brain for what we want in 2021 and Repeating it so the new thoughts patterns become just that, a pattern, an autopilot.

So go back to your legal pad and review your answers to STEP ONE; Everything you need is right here. Where are the places of resistance you wrote down, where you don’t press in to or that you avoid. Now write statements that reflect what you want instead of that and still remain true to you.

For instance, if I avoid sitting down to write a blog or book, my retraining statements may be something like this:

“I easily focus in on my next project. Writing and creating come freely to me. I act with confidence and I know that when I press in and take the time, my inner genius flows with ease and grace. It flows out naturally and represents me stepping into my greatness with each word. I know I’m making an authentic and powerful difference to everyone who reads it.”

If you resist working with others perhaps your retraining words sound something like:

“I love finding the needs of others and filling them. I open doors for them to a greater experience. I share my greatness with them easily. I’m an extraordinary teacher and mentor and breathe belief into all I encounter today. I love being of service, bringing authentic solutions to others.”

See how easy that is? You’re confirming who you are and what the outcome is you want to see. Add specific goals to your statements too. It never hurts to hear your intentions over and over. The more your mind hears them, the more it accepts it as truth and looks for ways to fulfill it!

Now, just repeat your retraining statements everyday, multiple times a day is even better. The more you do, the faster your brain is retrained!!

For more resources on how to retrain your brain and see how exhilarating and possible ALL your New Year’s Goals are, sign into our website, join us on FB and Instagram and you’ll get your daily dose of Playing Tall, not small. Looking forward to seeing you there!

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