Play Tall for Kids

The Miracle of Moe is a true story about my little French Bulldog Terrier Moe. When Moe was a puppy my husband and I found out he had an untreatable heart condition. But that's not all... Moe's heart condition greatly impacted his life span.


I have learned a lot of lessons from Moe and decided that I should write a book about him. The inspiration came from Moe's genuine ability to live a happy life. He doesn't know he is sick. He just wakes up everyday and plays with his sister, Stella, eats, takes naps, and LOVES his cookies.


We all need to live like Moe.

Stop holding yourself back and be the best version of yourself.

Happy thoughts help create happy lives.  

Moe and I have traveled all over the country going to book signings and readings. Drop me a line and let's schedule a book signing when I'm in your area.

Moe seeing his book for the first time!

If you can change a thought you can change anything.

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