You can get through the Holidays without overwhelm (or possibly Prozac) – and you won’t believe how easy it is!

It’s true!!  I’m not making this up or even making light of it!

It’s that time of year, and let’s face it, even though we know it is coming, the holidays can take us by surprise and get pretty crazy. We have 12 months to get ready for next year, but chances are good we won’t be ready then either.

UNLESS…. Unless we could learn how NOT to be overwhelmed and manic during the holidays.  

Is that possible??

Oh, you won’t even believe how easy it is. In fact, you’ll think it’s so easy you may be tempted to not even try it. Trust me, from one who has blown it off as too easy, you’ll want to pay attention.

So, let’s take a look at this from a logical perspective. Why in the world would we get overwhelmed by a scheduled event that happens every year?
Just saying that sounds stupid doesn’t it?

But, I bet it’s not the only time you’ve ever felt overwhelmed, is it? You’ve had other times that felt out of control, completely out of your hands, seemed way too much for you to handle, too much obligation or pressure.

It doesn’t matter what it is, a holiday or a wedding or a project crunch, maybe all three at the same time. If you’re in overwhelm hunting for the Valium, your response was the same. Let’s take a look at the trigger and the response.

Holiday time is one of increased activity and obligations, leading to less time and less sleep, relationships get strained because others are feeling the same. That’s the trigger – and it’s mostly self-imposed.

The Response…. Overwhelm, which is a code word for hiding out!  Yes, you’re hiding out. Don’t stop reading here, let me explain...

One response could be a Safety Response. In moments of high activity or chaos, we can have a threat response – Fight, Flight or Freeze. The Safety response is the Freeze…stuck, frozen, confused, and overwhelmed. Hiding out. And to be clear, it’s your brain that’s hiding out. You’re not really choosing it, it’s an automatic response.

Another response could be Neuro-linking.  You’ve had stressful or emotional moments during holidays in the past and the brain says, “Oh no, we can’t go there, let’s get away from that bad feeling”. Neuro-linking is also a form of Safety Response.  Hiding out.

And yet another response could be self-sabotage and the Reticular Activating System (RAS). You could actually be setting yourself up for failure and drawing more of the chaos to you because it’s a familiar evil which is better than something unknown. Again, hiding out!

There are so many more possible responses and of course an unlimited number of scenarios. I teach all of this in the classes or talks I do so feel free to check out our site and find some workshops to listen to.

So, what’s the answer?? You’re going to flip when you find out how easy it is!! It’s just 3 simple steps to follow over and over again.

First, connecting the dots and being aware is the beginning. This is where we decide we’d like a different outcome this year!  It’s where we take the automatic response that was out of our control and bring it in to the conscious mind where we have the power.

Secondly, learning reprogramming tools is vital. You can’t decide to change a thought and behavior pattern without having something to replace it with!  

And here’s my favorite tool – affirmations. You can get these in a variety of ways and I recommend all of them but today I’m going to gift you one of my favorites, journaling and rehearsing. It’s where my best rewiring and jolt of inspiration and energy comes from. When I get frustrated enough, I sit down and start writing what I don’t like. Then what I want to have or feel instead. Then why those things can be mine. Here’s an example as a gift for you to use over and over.

Say this out loud with me:

I am ready to step away from the confinement of overwhelm.
I am ready to be released from hiding out in the prison of chaos and be free.
I am letting go of old beliefs that used to keep me frozen.
Today I am willing to let go of the mental clutter of the past,
I refuse to hide out any longer and come out into the light instead.
Today I am free.
And I am safe and secure here.
I am in control of what happens today.
There is nothing that moves too fast for me.
I am an excellent planner and strategist and all things come together for my good.
Today I release the need to please others.
I know I am valuable because that’s the way I was created to be and I do not need their approval.
I choose peace and calm and truth and it is effortless.
I accept all my abundant gifts and talents and use them to create a magnificent day
I have all the time I need
I have all the resources I need.
I get exactly what I need, exactly when I need it.
Today I claim my power.
Today I am prepared to conquer.
Today will be a great day!
WOW – so how does that feel? What if you could feel that all day long??

Of course, you can…if you’re willing to use this quick and simple way to retrain your thoughts every time they want to take you down the spiraling path to chaos, overwhelm and despair.  That’s the third step, Repeat, Repeat, Repeat! Remember, your brain doesn’t know any better until you train it.  It’s just being repetitive, let’s create a new habit for your brain.

Your turn, add or edit this short affirmation to make it yours – add your unique gifts and truths about yourself - journal your own and it’ll feel even more powerful.

And there you have it – a 2-minute synopsis of my tools, Release, Retrain, Repeat.

Positive affirmations do not always come easily to us. 
Need a little help? I made a Play Tall Affirmations to help you get your head straight!

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