Playing small is insidious.   It’s everywhere... in literally everything we do and in every relationship.  We’re not usually aware of it; it’s a master at sneaking up on us.  And for some of us, Playing Small seems to come more naturally than for others, if you know what I mean.
I was going to ask for help but... I was going to speak up, but...
Maybe it's a stupid idea... maybe it’s a lie... maybe it’s just something I made up...  
I was afraid it wouldn't work...  Afraid of what they’d think...  Afraid of being real... What if I'm not enough?

I'm 6 feet tall but I’ve played small and hidden out most my life in one area or another, and not to get into your business or anything, but everyone I have met has played small in some way.  That’s because we’re all of the human race – shrinking back is totally part of our wiring… but I didn’t know that until I learned it.  I didn’t want or mean to play small; we all want more for ourselves.  Honestly, deep down, I had a inkling I was holding myself back, but something made me reluctant to play bigger.  Small had become so habitual... I'd like to speak-up but I didn't want bring too much attention to myself... I'd like to give my opinion but maybe I'm wrong... I'd like to just be me but what if that's not enough?

One day I was talking to a friend and she said, you’ve GOT to hear this woman!” as she picked up a book and shoved it in my face.  Do you have one of those friends... The wonderful kind that tell it like it is?  You love them, even when you hate what they’re saying.

Well, my friend was talking about Deb Erickson and that day changed my life forever! Deb was the best mentor I never had, she taught me everything I never knew about me and my brain.  That was over 5 years ago and today I have freedom.   That’s the best way to describe it.   
Freedom to do, be, say, feel, and live...and with so much ease and joy.
It’s exhilarating!

So, what did she teach me? How do I maintain and live a TALL life instead of falling back into a lifetime of habits?  (Sounds like a drug addiction doesn’t it?   Well... It’s very similar. :)  
The concepts are simple, in fact, I’d heard them before…I just didn’t hear them.  I didn’t logically understand the concepts.  That is until I was taught in a way that I could learn.  Learning to Play Tall is a process, and once I started living it, I have been able to easily share.  

So... that lead me to create Play Tall Not Small. What I do today is share the information in a way that others (meaning you) can easily understand…. so they (meaning you) can live an unstoppable life, every single day!
Here are a few concepts I apply in my own life.  I call it Release, Retrain, Repeat.  Look around this site and you’ll find some resources that will help you learn them too.

  1.  RELEASE   -  Releasing is a process of discovery, uncovering, and detective work about habitual negative thoughts you’ve been thinking, where it came from, how that way of thinking was born….and letting it go.  It’s learning the exquisite power of your brain!
  2. RETRAIN   -  Our subconscious mind rules everything!  That’s why every thought counts.  Thoughts, good or bad, create action and inaction.  That also means every action or inaction you take now….has come from a thought you’ve been processing.  (I know, that’s really flippin' scary!)  So, retraining is the process of learning how to have control of your subconscious brain and replace thoughts that aren’t working for you anymore with thoughts that lead you to action.
  3.  REPEAT   -  Now that you're becoming the boss of your brain, let's keep it that way and set up a system of governing the world of you.   Having awareness, having a plan of attack, keeping the brain running at it’s peak…. so YOU can be at your best and live a life of ease and grace and flow! 
So that’s it!  That’s what I have to give and share.  I pray that I can be of impact to you in some way, big or small.  Look around the site, I’m so glad you’re here.  I can’t wait to know more about you.

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